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‘Show you care’

Mike King

‘Show you care’

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It is wrong to stop the Crop Over Cavalcades.
Speaking yesterday afternoon on the East Coast Road at the annual Barbados Labour Party (BLP) National Heroes Day picnic, Opposition Leader Mottley said that all efforts should have been made by the current administration to put on the popular shows, which are the first major entertainment package of the Crop Over season.
“We [BLP?government] started the Cavalcades because that is where vendors and small people get the chance, and if the Government now prefers to carry a delegation to China with a minister and his wife, and the permanent secretary and all of the large numbers of people instead of spending that money to put two or three Cavalcades so that some small people can get work when you are laying off people, then you understand where this Government has chosen to put its priorities,” she said.
Mottley was responding to the decision last week by the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), producer of the Crop Over Festival, to cancel the event which dates back to 2002.
She said she was pleased that common sense had prevailed and Government had reverted to staging the popular Foreday Morning Jam on Friday.