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Seven new sticklickers

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Seven new sticklickers

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If anyone?believes that the old Barbadian art of sticklicking is a dying tradition, they had better think again.
Thanks to the DBSS Sticklicking Martial Arts School, seven new inductees received their grading certificates and awards at a ceremony held at the National Union of Public Workers headquarters last Saturday.
The graded students included two females who ranged in age from youth to adult, and signalled a future for the sport.
Amid African drumming and music, the students entertained the spectators with some cunning and skilful moves, attacks and counterattacks with the staff and stick that would have made their ancestors  very proud.
The grading saw Mark Brewster, Richard Brooks, Rodney Carrington, Shannon Smart and Ronald Gittens receiving certificates for mastering the first position. Romel Mayers was awarded for the fifth position.
Angelica Gill was then graded for the first position while Brewster, Brooks and Carrington tried out for the second position and Mayers attempted a grading for the sixth position. Marcia Oxley was awarded for her contribution to sticklicking.
Years ago, it was a tradition for Barbadian men to settle their differences through sticklicking, a less fatal match to the British tradition of duelling with pistols and the French of using swords. Sticklicking was also seen as an art – balancing graceful movements and male showmanship. (KB)