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Not right

Maria Bradshaw

Not right

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The?National?Union of Public Workers (NUPW) has accused the National Conservation Commission (NCC) of “dipsy doodling” with the retrenchment process that saw nearly 200 workers being sent home yesterday.
General secretary Denis Clarke said this was reflected in preferential treatment; letting “friends” remain at work while sending home others.
“What you see at NCC is clear and simple dipsy doodling,” Clarke told a news conference at the union’s Dalkeith, St Michael headquarters yesterday evening.
Earlier in the day, the dismissed temporary workers staged angry protests outside the NCC’s Codrington, St Michael headquarters offices about the retrenchment process. Many felt they had been given a raw deal because their preferred “first in, last out” method of redundancy was not followed.
The NUPW expressed concern that a number of temporary employees at the NCC who had 20, 15 and ten years were sent home while those “who just come” and had three years and under were retained.
Clarke said the state agency?had failed to honour a Cabinet decision made in January to follow the “last in, first out” redundancy method. He called on the NCC to withdraw the dismissal letters and go back to the drawing board, “or else”.