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Sir Roy: NCC out of bounds

yvette Best

Sir Roy: NCC out of bounds

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That is how outgoing general secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) Sir Roy Trotman has described the behaviour of the National Conservation Commission (NCC) on the layoffs there this week.
And hundreds of workers and people who converged at Browne’s Beach yesterday for the culmination of May Day festivities agreed with him.
In a wide-ranging address lasting more than one hour, Sir Roy accused the NCC of not holding the meeting to discuss the retrenchment of the close to 200 workers which took effect on Wednesday.
He explained that the BWU representative on the NCC board was unable to attend the meeting and it was communicated that he would take her place. He said he rearranged his schedule on at least two occasions to accommodate the meeting before it was postponed indefinitely.
After giving his take on how the events unfolded at the NCC prior to the layoffs, Sir Roy asked the large crowd if the behaviour by the NCC was acceptable in 2014, and he got a resounding “no” as a response.