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Bikers enlist against bullying

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Bikers enlist against bullying

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THE ANTI-BULLYING campaign has attracted the Black Knight Bikers to its cause.
The 37-member group on Thursday unveiled a billboard at the Parkinson Memorial School as part of their campaign against bullying.
President Fabian Reeves said there had always been a problem with bullying, but it was becoming a serious challenge in the schools.  
He said that because children love bikes, the group wanted to project a positive image and encourage them to refrain from bullying.
He also said the Black Knights would continue to work with Parkinson School through interactive and one-on-one sessions.
Two students will be appointed Black Knight Bullying Rangers to talk to parties involved and report to the teachers.
Reeves said the school already had a head start because principal Jeff Broomes had written a book on the subject.
The Black Knights, a registered charity, has also adopted Sterling Children’s Home, St Philip. A billboard will also be erected there.
“These kids do not really have anyone, so we have a one-on-one basis with [them], trying to be involved in their lives and showing them that they are also important to society,” Reeves said.  
He said the group evolved out of a need to show that bikers are more than just cyclists riding around on the road.
“There is a lot of negativity when it comes to bikers, so we are trying to get rid of that negative aspect that people see.
So anything positive we can do, we will,” he said.
Following the unveiling of the billboard, the cyclists rode through several districts in St Michael and Christ Church and ended with a social in St John. (LK)

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