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Blood comes red hot

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Blood comes red hot

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Another May Day meant not only another parade and day of picnicking, but also the showcasing of some songs produced by Anderson ‘Blood’ Armstrong this year.
    It took place at the hang-out of Monsta Bar & Grill next to the Garfield Sobers Roundabout.This year the new hits feature artistes Cher, Amanda, Fresh, Hybrid and Sherwin Straker with their respective songs Sweet Bajan, Drinking n Chippin, 100 Proof Bajan, We Luv To Fete and Encounter.
    In addition to the usual voices of Contone, Cameraman, Paula Dion, Keda, Coopa Dan, Summa, D2, Livia, Lorenzo, Ian Webster, and Fate, this year marks the first time Blood will be working with popular artiste Crimeson.
    They also teamed up with Banks Calendar Girl Faith Callender, for the song Soca Therapy.
    “I think Faith has improved leaps and bounds in soca and she did a fantastic job on this track Soca Therapy, which was one of the first songs I wrote for the year that I was sitting on for the longest time,” said Blood.
    Blood and Ian Webster also joined forces with their song WWF (Where We Feting), which as Blood put it was, “full of lyrics”. (SM)