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Instagram pulls Ri-Ri’s semi-nude post

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Instagram  pulls Ri-Ri’s  semi-nude post

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Rihanna’s semi-naked photographic romp hasn’t gone down well with everyone.
    The singer stripped down for a photo shoot for the second time this month and posted the images on her Instagram account on Tuesday.
    But the social networking site removed them an hour later because the pictures violated their rules against nudity, reports TMZ.
    The Diamonds singer had posted the uncensored topless – and bottomless – pictures from her Lui shoot, which Instagram said was a violation of their terms of service.
    The star shared a picture of herself topless on the cover of French magazine Lui, in which she appears in just a hat and tiny pair of briefs.
    However, nudity, partial nudity or sexually suggestive photographs are banned on Instagram and the social media platform temporarily closed her account until the risqué picture was removed.