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More turn to Paredos

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

More turn to Paredos

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The reasons are not yet clear but more parents are utilising the services of PAREDOS and those struggling under economic pressures are seeking items from its food bank.
As a result, said director Marcia Graham, officials at the non-profit organisation now have to look at the data and the numbers to figure out why.
Graham made the revelation yesterday following a graduating ceremony for parents from PAREDOS’ Parenting Class, which was sponsored by the Maria Holder Memorial Trust, and held at the Speightstown Resource Centre, St Peter.
“We are collecting the data, as we go along each week, that will give us an indication as to why they are coming but certainly the numbers have increased,” she told the SUNDAY?SUN, adding she could not give any figures.
“We’re compiling it and then we’ll be able to look to see, whether in terms of gender, there are more men or women coming; the ages of the children that they have, whether they are adolescent children or younger children. So as people come we’re adding the numbers together and then we’ll be able to say this is what is happening with PAREDOS,” the director explained. (HLE)