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DEAR CHRISTINE: Some words of advice to men

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Some words of advice to men

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Dear Christine,
My letter is just a suggestion for some men.
There is this guy I lived with for some time but I had to give him up. It was not because I wanted to, but because he thought being a breadwinner was all a woman wanted.
Christine, this man did not know anything about nice things like compliments, such as “you look nice”, “the house is well kept” or a little kiss every now and again to show he cared.
When it came to lovemaking, all he did was get on and get off. After that, he went to sleep and snored his time away. There was never any love play, foreplay or anything of the kind. I was left there wondering what happened.
What some men need to know, Christine, is that some women like being made love to and not being treated like a hen and rooster. A little tenderness and showing you care by paying a compliment now and then mean a lot to a woman.
Please publish this letter for those “only sex matters” men to see.
– F
Dear F,
As I read your letter I couldn’t help but wonder what role you played in the so-called “lovemaking”. Were you leaving it up to him to make the first move and initiate everything else? Did you ever pay him any compliments or gave him a kiss every now and then?
Exactly what role did you play that would have encouraged this man to reciprocate any acts of love and affection towards you? Did you ever share with him what you wanted or expected from him in the area of lovemaking, or were you just content to lie back and let him do his own thing?
I am sorry if I appear a little brutish, but from where I sit it takes two to tangle and you have a part to play when it comes to lovemaking.
Since I want to be fair, I’ll agree with you that some men can be thoughtless and selfish, and sometimes if there is not clear communication between male and female, this can result in many misunderstandings and even frustration.
In summary, a wise man knows that his woman’s happiness will be incomplete as long as he neglects the small tokens of love. Likewise, a woman must understand that her man also needs her love and affection.