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Step it up

Tim Slinger

Step it up

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Director of Public ProsecutionsS (DPP), Charles Leacock, QC has called for an improvement in security arrangements for the island’s judicial officers.
His comments came in the wake of the assassination of prominent senior attorney at law Dana Seetahal who was gunned down in Trinidad early Sunday. She was one of the prosecutors in the Vindra Naipaul-Coolman murder trial being heard in the twin-island republic.
“As far as I remember, the DPP in Trinidad has protection provided, quite unlike the DPP here. It is something that is emerging and especially with the drug trade not really abating, it would seem that we would definitely have to be looking at our own systems and our own protection,” Leacock told the DAILY NATION yesterday.
“If that could happen there (in Trinidad), it could happen anywhere.”
Leacock also said Seetahal’s death was serious cause for concern within the region.