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Cricket taking them places

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Cricket taking them places

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Born on the same day almost worlds apart, Shian Brathwaite and Combermere teammate Maxwell Lewis, who are united in their passion for cricket, left for Shebbear College, Devon, England, last week on a three-month training stint.
Brathwaite, a heavy-set, hard-hitting opener who comes from the cricket-crazy St Catherine district, was born on October 4, 1999, the same day as Lewis, who was born in Sweden, where skating or snowboarding would be a 14-year-old’s choice of sport.
However, since moving to Barbados almost seven years ago, Lewis has picked up cricket and is blossoming into a keen leg-spinning all-rounder.
“I am very happy to get this opportunity to show what I am capable of and I look forward to representing Barbados and Combermere at Shebbear College,” he said.
“I am originally from Europe and I know the European conditions but this time I am returning to play cricket, so I have to make full use of this opportunity.  
“I know that there are a lot of talented cricketers in Barbados and I was surprised to be given this chance, so I want to give of my best,” added Lewis.
Brathwaite, who will be travelling to England to play cricket for the third time, expressed thanks to his coach Trevor Alleyne for giving him the opportunity, as he wanted to become one of the best cricketers.
“This gives me the chance to further develop my game as an opener, moving my feet to the swinging ball, as playing a flat-footed game in England as an opener would be disastrous,” he said.
“I also expect that my school Combermere will gain greater recognition in cricket since Maxwell and I will be going off to Shebbear.
“We know that we have to strive to develop as we know that on our return our schoolmates will look to see an even bigger improvement in our game,” added Brathwaite. (KB)