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Seetahal shooter feared in the underworld

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Seetahal shooter feared in the underworld

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PORT OF SPAIN – SENIOR police sources say the main man who fired the fatal shots that killed senior counsel Dana Seetahal on Sunday morning has been operating with impunity for more than four years. 
No arrest has been made three days later.
Intelligence sources said the Carapo man (named called), who received the call to wipe out Seetahal was “not only well connected” but is also “feared in the underworld by many”.
He and two other men from Curepe with the initials NM and the other from Malabar called DB are being sought by police for questioning into the execution-style killing of Seetahal. 
NM, intelligence sources say, was tipped off by a police officer and has since gone underground.
Police sources say the Carapo man, like NM and DB, has ties to a Muslim-based organisation and was released from jail in 2011 after beating a murder rap.
 “He has been a major player in bringing in guns and ammunition into this country from Venezuela and one or two other countries,” said one source.
In 2007, he had escaped from Golden Grove prison and months later surrendered to the police.
Last August, sources inside the Customs and Excise Division said they had obtained information that the man had ordered nine millimetre ammunition and 10.62 ammunition through a relative in the United States.
The package was sent to Piarco International Airport but no one ever came forward to collect it. They say the package with the illegal ammunition is still lodged at the property keeper’s room at the airport.
Sources say they have since been piecing together a profile about this man who they are saying is “now running the show”, and has been fingered in a number of killings in the last few months, but he remains elusive.
He was last spotted in the Laventille area, but since then the trail has gone cold in the last two days.
Well-placed intelligent sources said a file about the man’s activities as it relates to his gun-running was sent to the Ministry of National Security some time ago.
Minister of National Security Gary Griffith would neither confirm nor deny the existence of this file. (Express)