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DEAR CHRISTINE: Boyfriend won’t pay me back

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Boyfriend won’t  pay me back

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Dear Christine,
I HAVE BEEN going out with my boyfriend for the past three and a half years. He is 30 and I am 25 years old.
Just over a year ago we made the decision to get married, and so we went ahead and got engaged. We also decided to save for our wedding and other financial obligations by opening a joint account, which we both contributed to.
About six months ago, a crisis arose in his family and he asked me to lend him my part of our savings. He promised to pay it back in three months, but as you can see that was six months ago. He has not paid it back and on top of that, I hardly see him as often as before.
– S
Dear S,
Wise up! For one thing, stop putting money in the account. Think!  Why was it necessary for him to “borrow your half of the money”? Why couldn’t he just take whatever funds he had placed on the savings account?  
Let me answer these questions for you. It’s because he is no fool. At the end of the day he will try to convince you that the money on the account is his, because he has “borrowed” yours. If you are not sensible enough, you will fall for his lies.
This man has acted very dishonestly and if I were you, I would not hold out any hope of getting the money back or of getting him to pay you frequent visits like before.
Sometimes our experiences in life will appear costly.
In the long run however, they prove to be a lot cheaper than discovering somewhere down the road we are stuck with things or people who are detrimental to our life. Thank God your eyes were opened before you said “I do”.