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DEAR CHRISTINE: Some advice for you writers

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Some advice for you writers

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Dear Christine,
For some time now I have been a regular reader of your column both overseas and in Barbados. I congratulate you on the way you deal with those letters and I hope you keep up the good work.
Christine, what bothers me is the fact that Barbados has been known over the years to be a God-fearing place, yet young people are making a mess of themselves and their families.
I have read letters to you from young people who are faced with domestic problems, telling you they are in love with some married man whom they can’t stop loving.
On the other hand, there are parents who stand in the way of their children and make their lives unbearable.
My advice to both young and old is to strive to make life bearable and happy for all. The husband who has a wife and the wife who has a husband should stick together. The teenagers, especially those at school, should concentrate on their education and think of their future.  Without an education it is virtually impossible to get ahead in life. These days, men want women who are educated and who can think for themselves. Those who cannot do these things are usually abused at the hands of men.
Last but not least, I appeal to parents to love their sons and daughters and give them a chance to be happy. Remember, you had your chance when you were younger.
Again, Christine, keep up the good work. I shall continue to read your column even when I return to the United States after my vacation is ended.
– S.L.
Dear S.L.,
Thanks so much for taking time during your holiday to express your views about this column and about relationships in general.
Even though the Dear Christine column deals with a variety of issues, it is always a blessing when persons write to offer advice of one sort or the other; especially when they seek to warn and deter persons from “dangerous” lifestyles and habits. Thanks for your advice and suggestions.
It is important that both the young and old place a greater value on themselves.
If they did, they would not allow themselves to be used and abused as they sometimes are.
I hope you’ll enjoy your holiday and wish you a safe trip home.

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