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Residents cry out over rubble

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Residents cry out over  rubble

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The rubble left at the site in The Garden, St James, after Tallies Bar was demolished a few weeks ago, is causing concern for residents.
Some told the DAILY NATION yesterday that during strong breezes all the debris blew toward houses downwind, and that children were exposed to the rat-infested debris.
Amsa Neal, who lives next to the site, said she was fearful for her health since she was pregnant.
Neal said her biggest concern was with the dust blowing, adding that when those demolishing were breaking down the building, they did not make any announcement, and since it was an old building she was concerned it could have contained asbestos.
Another resident said the building, which was closed to business for almost five years before it was demolished, was rat infested. He said it posed a health risk for the children living and playing in the area, who ranged from toddlers to 11 years old.  
“They used to run up and down there and it is dangerous now. Some of them are not [sensitive] enough so they go in there and take up things. You can smell it and you see the rats running up and down the walls that are still standing at the back,” he said.
He explained that the bar was demolished about three weeks ago, but the owners only cleared some of the rubble about a week later, leaving a lot of debris there.
At the site there is a partial wall, bits of wood, broken toilet bowls and kitchen appliances remaining.
Rudolph and Hilda Best said they saw some big rats and the scent emanating from the area forced them to keep their house closed.
Hilda said when it started to get dark on evenings, they saw the rats coming out, even crawling on the house and electric wires.
“It is not good to have to keep your place closed up like that all  the time,” Hilda said. (LK)