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Arthur knocks Worrell’s VAT stance

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Arthur  knocks Worrell’s  VAT stance

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FORMER PRIME MINISTER Owen Arthur has accused Governor of the Central Bank Dr DeLisle Worrell of creating more uncertainty by discrediting the role and importance the value added tax (VAT) has played in Barbados’ economy.
Arthur said that Dr Worrell’s statement that Barbados should now be abolishing the VAT is really a distraction from what should be the focus at this time.
“There’s no evidence that the VAT has been the source of our problems, if anything the VAT has more than performed at what is expected of it,” Arthur said yesterday.
He told the WEEKEND NATION:  “This is really, really unfortunate. The most important thing right now is for a restoration of confidence and for a lot of the uncertainty and turmoil and the confusion surrounding the Government’s economic turmoil has to be removed.