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NCF’s new crop


NCF’s new crop

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SO MANY CHANGES have been made since this year’s Crop Over Calendar was launched in January, that producer, the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), has published a new one.
This updated calendar, which was released to the media yesterday, has the start of the Sweetest Summer Festival for May 23 with the newly introduced Crop Over Preview at the NCF, exactly 20 days later than the original kick-off with one of three Cavalcades.
The Cavalcades went from three to none, to one massive one on May 30 at Queen’s Park with the assistance of private entities in a matter of weeks, and chief executive officer of the NCF, Cranston Browne, hinted that more Cavalcades could be coming.
Speaking at the launch of the Crop Over Preview and the Cavalcade at the NCF yesterday, Browne said at least four other entities had approached the NCF about holding Cavalcade-like events.