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PUDDING & SOUSE: Office talk over salary

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Office talk over salary

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Some people at one institution are having difficulty reconciling the figures associated with the salary of one employee.
Apparently, they want to know how this person could be making more money than any of them.
However, while some of the top brass are busy formulating numbers to see how this particular person accumulates so much mileage in pay, one of the big-ups he is close to has justified that this is no ordinary person.
The big-up explained that this person is on call 24 hours.
Wife kicked out for lover
It was bound to happen, and it did!
Mr Big Shot kicked his wife and baby out once more in favour of the younger woman, who usually waits for him opposite the development where he lives.
Only last year, this undercover lover had outperformed wifey right out of her home, but hubby had a change of heart and went back for the wife.
But this was apparently short-lived and hubby is now demonstrating who he wants to live in his mansion as he has not only moved in his mistress but her sister too.
The two siblings have been walking around bragging about the good life they are living – talking about the money, the food, the big house and that they no longer have to wash with their hands. Even their mother is rejoicing in their new-found wealth.
There is even talk floating around that this man, who is definitely suffering from a midlife crisis, is also sleeping with these two sisters. Everyone is now waiting to see how long it will take for this threesome to self-destruct.
Miami shopping sprees
Every month, someone very close to a prominent public official has been jetting away from Barbados to do all of her household shopping in Miami.
Word around the runway is that she has been given the freedom to fly whenever she wants on a private jet.
But while she is taking advantage of this luxurious treatment, people are asking how it is that she gets to jet off and go overseas to shop while Barbadians are being encouraged to buy local to stimulate the economy.
For heaven’s sake
There is a lot of rumbling at a certain church and the congregation is accusing the priest in charge of failing to lead his flock.
From what P&S understands, members are accusing the priest of never attending any Bible study meetings and they are also questioning why the church has not had a confirmation ceremony since 2012.
People are so fed up with the priest’s attitude that some members have refused to take communion or participate in any part of Sunday proceedings such as reading lessons or ushering.
Many of them were also very upset when the priest, in delivering a recent sermon, told the congregation to pray to God far up in the clouds way up in heaven.
They wanted to know if they need a plane to get there because it seems that the belief that God is in all of us and around us has flown through the church’s windows.