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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Squabbling siblings

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

FLYING FISH & COU COU: Squabbling siblings

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Not everyone is looking forward to tomorrow, Mother’s Day, as a day of joy and celebration. A short man from the east is today ready to blow a fuse, upset and blue vex.
Already under a lot of pressure wherever he goes, some domestic issues have added to his woes. He loved his mum and trusted her.
So, when he came into a windfall, he did what he felt was the best possible thing by depositing the money in mother’s name. He decided against having a joint account. The short man with his imposing preacher voice lauded his mother and her fine qualities. All was well, until dear loving mum passed away.
Well, one of the short man’s siblings knew that mother had a few cents on the bank given that she had struggled to help them throughout her working life. So, after getting an attorney to draw up the necessary papers she went to the bank on behalf of the others to get the few coppers to help ensure the turnout was covered.
Someone at the bank said it was not a few coppers because mummy was very thrift. The situation was changed immediately. All siblings, having been informed, indicated they wanted their portion. The short man was stumped, insisting that it was his money. But, despite brotherly and sisterly love, everyone is demanding their portion.
The pressure has been such that the short man would not even go into a park or on the beach to get a little rest and quiet time to relieve the pressure. But then, other people, certainly with little brotherly or sisterly love, will be waiting there for him, too.
Warning falls on deaf ears
Don’t criticize me. This is the position made abundantly clear by a certain politico to a number of people who have pointed to the high flyer’s weaknesses. Some have pointed to the many travels and fancy living. Others have stated that this politico is weak when it comes to applying pressure on certain opponents.
But, it certainly has not been the case against those who publicly voiced their opposing views. The politico has been calling people and telling them off and has even given one critic a fist full of grantleys. Neither the cursing nor the money has silenced anyone.
Women looking for top job
Some key women in Barbados are looking to position themselves for a big opportunity which may present itself. A big-up job is now up for the grab and two Barbadians spinsters are said to be interested in the pick.
There is only one opening in what would otherwise be an all-male choir, but a lady having stepped down from the frontline, the feeling is that another woman should be given an opportunity.
From Bridgetown to St Clair Street all eyes are on which one of these Bajan women will get the nod.
Already a fellow on level six in the heart of Bridgetown has been looking out to Whitepark Road every day saying his desire is to robe there. He’s hoping to step on the gas to make his dream come true. After all he won’t be the first to make that jump.
No room for ‘Inches’
A certain big man is going home. Well, it seems as if it is not on a permanent basis. Word is that this man, now being called “Inches”, wants to return, at least as a consultant.
After all, the real big man has  ignored him and his desire to serve in any capacity. Even some of the people who sit around the roundtable with “Inches” have said that when a headmaster retires he does not return to teach at the same school. The fear is that the poor lass will be spending lots of time shoulder peeping.