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Water wasting in Edgecumbe

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Water wasting in Edgecumbe

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AS RESIDENTS OF St Joseph cry out for a lack of water, those in the community of Edgecumbe, St Philip, have too much of it.
So much, that it is fountaining tens of feet into the air.
Since Thursday, a burst pipe had been sending hundreds of gallons of water shooting the height of a power line. And while motorists might be secretly revelling in the free car wash, pedestrians are complaining they are getting soaked as they pass the area.
An employee in the area, who did not wish to give her name, said she got “soaked” on the way to her workplace.
She feared for the power line and a black box on it that appeared to be taking a drenching.
Another woman, who was on her way out of the neighbourhood, said the pipe burst on Thursday morning.
“I can’t pass there now. I woulda walk through the other road. I can’t handle this! I gine get soaked now,” she said.
The woman noted residents had called the Barbados Water Authority but to no avail.
Another resident, who also wished to remain anonymous, revealed he was one who had called the BWA, to be told “they got the report already”.
He noted that at first the torrent was stemmed by a number of rocks placed on the broken pipe.
But a resident of a house in the immediate vicinity complained the water was flooding her cellar and the rocks were removed.
“But it inconveniencing people because you can see that people can’t pass there,” he said. (HLE)