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DEAR CHRISTINE: Please help young mother and son

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Please help young mother and son

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Dear Christine,
I hope this letter finds you in superb health. I am a 22-year-old female and am writing to you appealing for help for a “friend”. To be quite honest, she’s not exactly a friend since I’ve only known her for less than a week.
The thing is, Christine, before being formally introduced, I would see her walk down the road every day with a little boy, maybe three years old, in tow; and while that is not an uncommon sight, what was, was that both the little boy and her wore the same clothes daily.
I was bewildered as to why she would do such a thing; it was only the second time I had seen her.  My cousin then informed me that she saw the girl about four times before and she never changed her attire.
This bothered me for a while, because I could tell that she was a young girl, maybe around the age of 26.
The next day I saw her, and as per usual, both she and her son were outfitted in the same clothes. I decided to stop her and ask her what was going on. There was just something about the way she carried herself, and the fact she had a child with her, that made me become very concerned.
I introduced myself, as did she, and I told her while I don’t mean to pry, why was it that she walks down the road everyday looking depressed and in the same clothing?
She then told me that the house she lived in before was burnt to the ground recently. I do not know if by arson or accident. She continued that she was unemployed and lived with an aunt who constantly “picks” on her because of her inability to pay a bill or bills and/or purchase her own groceries.
She also said she had a small amount of clothes which were given to her by another relative, but they were “old people” clothing and most of the skirts were too big for her.
That was why she was wearing the one brown dress every day. I empathised with her, and can relate a little bit to her situation.
I know that as a young person living in a house, using the utilities but unable to contribute financially to any bills, can create drama and discomfort.
She said to avoid getting into confrontation with her aunt, she frequently took cool walks with her son to the library.
I promised her that I would help her, and while I am not in a position to help her financially, I am willing to explore and exhaust all ways to find her assistance.
I cannot give her any of my clothes because she is bigger than me.
She told me she would like some work cleaning or cooking or looking after the elderly. She also said that she could braid hair very well, but didn’t have any clients.
She also expressed interest in taking the braiding course offered by the Vocational Training Board but does not have the $300 it costs to apply.
I know you have helped people before and while I am not expecting a miracle, I am appealing to you and anyone who may read this article to see what can be done to help this young lady get back on her feet.
I forgot to ask her age but I believe her to be around 26 to 29 years old. She is soft-spoken and polite and deserves to lead a normal and mentally healthy life.
Thank you, Christine. May God continue to bless you.
– M.S.
Dear M.S.,
Following my conversation with you and investigations by my assistant, we have decided to place your letter in this column with the hope that individuals who are willing to assist this young woman would call 430-5470 to make any contributions.
Thanks for being a Good Samaritan and for playing your part in bringing this concern to light.
– Christine