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TALK BACK: Clarkson or not, Bushy Park will go on

Sherrylyn A. Toppin

TALK BACK: Clarkson or not, Bushy Park will go on

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Embattled Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has been in hot water for uttering what sounded like a racial slur several years ago.
The footage was never aired on the BBC and Clarkson recently apologised, after initially denying he had said the “N” word. The BBC has threatened to fire him if there are any more breaches.
Clarkson and crew are scheduled to be here for Top Gear Barbados next weekend. Officials are pressing ahead with the event, but pan-Africanist David Comissiong has called for Clarkson to be denied entry.
Online readers weighed in on the debate.
Tony Waterman: David Comissiong, I don’t usually support your stances, but this one I am with you 110 per cent. Are we not supposed to be strict guardians of our heritage anymore?
Carl Harper: It is interesting that our Government has been mum on this latest Clarkson incident, especially when he is slated to be the main presenter at the Top Gear Festival on our shores. The Government should at least issue a strong statement decrying any form of racism or racial comments. We must not be prepared to sell our birthright or dignity as a people for the sake of the almighty tourist dollar.
Bim Bum: Jeremy Clarkson has offended no one. If you think Bushy Park will be boycotted, you can think again. The crowds will be bigger than ever.
David Hall: If we simply ignore Clarkson, we suggest that such views are not really important. If this were an anti-Semitic comment, I believe that even then, our Government would have expressed a position condemning such a perspective.
Elliot Gibbs: I bet in there gonna be ram off (full to capacity) . . . . All the offended he talking about.
Winston Grecia: May I suggest that you should be more worried about the 200-plus kidnapped African girls instead of a man who grumbled a word that a few says it sound like the “N” word.
Leif Jensen: You can welcome Clarkson with open arms and open mind and show him that not all black people are bad. By refusing him coming to your island, you show (in my opinion) that you are just as bad as him; maybe even worse.
Gee Fin: Mr Comissiong, you are not the voice of Barbados, you do not speak for Barbadians. Please, please stop acting like you do. NATION – please stop printing his drivel.
Mac 10: Given the level of acceptable and casual racism, sexism and homophobia that is heard and tolerated on a daily basis in Barbados, I am not surprised by the comments, both here and on Facebook attacking David Comissiong and defending Clarkson. The festival should go ahead, but Clarkson should not be allowed to come.
Pan Willie: Sometimes you treat those who seek to discredit or disrespect you with such love and kindness that they are forced to think and sooner or later recognise their own stupidity.
Dr Tre Stevens: I agree wholeheartedly with David Comissiong.
• Sherrylyn A. Toppin is THE NATION’s Online Editor.