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Whither the men?

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Whither the men?

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A LOT OF men in Barbados are going to the University of the West Indies and other continuing education institutions on a daily basis, but no learning is taking place.
Terming it an “interesting peculiarity”, Minister of Education Ronald Jones said those men are dropping their female partners off and exiting, while the young ladies are going to classes which is a problem, he said.
“If you’re in a courtship you should be sitting beside each other learning together. So why is this happening? Why is this particular behaviour being manifested at this time? That must be looked at in relation to how we are going to take Barbados forward,” Jones said.
While addressing stakeholders at an Education For All forum, Jones also spoke to another problem with the low performance of young men, especially those at the lower end of the learning scale.
“That must be an area of focus. We cannot have our young women moving ahead at a galloping pace and our young men, who will be their future husbands, being left behind. That creates its own problems within a given society,” Jones said. (YB)