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DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I have a baby with him?

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I have a baby with him?

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Dear Christine,
I AM 19 YEARS OLD and my boyfriend is 32. He has two children from a woman and I have none.
This man tells me this woman is living at him because of the children. He comes by me every night and does not leave until around 11 p.m. at the earliest. I work for myself and he also has his own job.
The thing is this: he wants to have a child with me because his children’s mother brags that she has two for him and I am not in her league. He has also asked me to find a house so we can be together, but has cautioned me that he would always have to look after his two children.
Christine, I want your honest opinion. Do you believe I should get a child for this man and leave my parents’ home to live with him? Please tell me what to do.
 – J.P.
Dear J.P.,
I can answer your questions in one short word: “No”. That would be “no” to both questions.
It would not be advisable to have a child merely to please this man or because he asked you to, based on the fact that the other woman has two for him.
In addition, you are still very young, and with some personal appreciation of yourself, you can make an effort to make something more worthwhile of your life than setting up house with him.
Keep on with your job, study to improve yourself and in a short while, you’ll be able to make wiser and happier choices when it comes to relationships. Right now, there is too much drama in your life and you don’t need the extra baggage this man is carrying.
Don’t follow the mob of women who are often baited into “live in” relationships with irresponsible men who will keep things going until they see someone else they want to play house with.