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Treat ‘bigger problem’

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Treat ‘bigger problem’

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PORT OF SPAIN – Auxiliary Bishop Robert Llanos said yesterday crime was not the problem in Trinidad and Tobago. Crime, he said, was simply the consequence of the larger problem. Llanos was addressing parishioners at the La Divina Pastora RC Church in Siparia in celebration of the Feast of Saints yesterday.
He said, “Crime is not the problem, it’s the consequence, a symptom of the problem. And if you don’t treat the cause, it comes back over and over.”
Despite the threatening cloudy weather, hundreds of parishioners attended the service, also attended by President Anthony Carmona, his wife Reema and their children.
LIanos said crime was on the rise because only the symptoms were being addressed and not the real problem. “The real problem is you and me,” he said.
Llanos said people need to put to rest all that is selfish, vain, lustful, sinful, greedy and corrupt. He proclaimed that no one was willing to accept the sacrificial suffering in order to learn to love God and love their neighbour.
Llanos said society was ultimately deteriorating and no one trusts anyone. He said every person was interested in preserving their personal survival. And all those who want power will tell lies to preserve their personal interest, he said.
Llanos said for a new creation to emerge and for society to contribute to it, one must eliminate the “sinful self” as pain gives birth to new life. This can be done through the example of our lives and not being afraid “to stand up as a new creation in this land”, he said.
Llanos said the deterioration of society occurs when people cheat others for personal gain, when they are deceitful, contribute to corruption within society and by telling lies to get away from the truth.
These, he said, were the consequences of a weakening society and the problem was the people, who turn a blind eye to what is happening within the country.
Llanos said, “Crime is a symptom of generation after generation of us not living their faith and once lies are being told, the currency of our nation becomes darkness and deception.”
He reminded parishioners that they were all part of the problem and should take responsibility for what was taking place in the country. (Express)