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Coroner’s ruling on May 30

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Coroner’s ruling on May 30

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ON MAY 30, Coroner Manila Renee will announce her ruling on the inquest into the police’s killing of a 27-year-old civilian, Jamar Maynard, of Grazettes, St Michael.
She made the announcement this afternoon after hearing evidence from Assistant Superintendent of Police John Annel, the final witness. This was followed by a lengthy presentation by lawyer for Maynard’s family, David Comissiong, in association with legal attorney-at-law Ajamu Boardi.
The defence claims Maynard was shot while trying to run away from the police, but the police officer in question says he acted in self-defence during the April 2012 encounter.
Today, Comissiong listed what he called nine deficiencies in the investigation of the case and said they suggested that the system of having the police investigate one of their own in as serious a case as homicide, was not appropriate. Some better system must be put in place, for justice must both be done and must be seen to be done, he told the court. (TY)