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Nothing lasting

Eric Lewis

Nothing lasting

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Nothing at all ain’t lasting. I ain’t know if wunna realise it, but nowadays nothing don’t last at all. It does seem as though you are in the store buying the same thing you buy just a few months ago.
If you have children you know what I mean. It does seem like almost every school term, not every school year, but every term, parents does be buying new school shoes. You give a child a pair of shoes today and tomorrow them mash up, like they make out of toilet paper.
I remember when a pair of shoes couldda last a whole family for years. The biggest child would get them, and when he grows out of them, they still good enough to pass down to the next child, sometimes three and four children get a wearing off the shoes. But that is because things used to be strong.
Seriously, my mother used to buy some school shoes for me which were ugly as hell, but strong like them make out of concrete. She would buy them a size too big and then stuff them with cotton wool, so that I would take a while to outgrow them. And I would walk home from school kicking everything I see in the street; milk tots, old coconut shells and even rocks, hoping that them ugly shoes would mash up and I would get a good-looking pair.
I don’t know if the shoes were made from dinosaur skin, but all that would happen, is that them would get a few scuff marks, and by the time some black polish hit them, them was as good as gold. When I outgrew them, them was passed down to my sister, then from her to my brother. I believe my mother still got them shoes, probably using them as plant pots by now.
The point I making is that things used to last. One time we had some big rotary-dial phones ’bout here. Them phones were so big and heavy that if they ever fall and hit your toes, you would end up in the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital.
Them phones used to fall down, shackle out, but them never used to stop working. Then somebody bring push button phones ’bout here. These ain’t even got to fall down; they only got to look like them gine fall and them does stop working.
Seriously, you buy a fridge today, you put in some food and by the time you close the door the fridge starting to rust. And these things real smart, they does stop working the same day that the guarantee expires.
Even relationships don’t last now at all. I does often look in the newspapers and see two old people celebrating 50 and 60 years of a wonderful marriage.
Nowadays, a couple gets married today, six months later you see the woman, and ask her how married life treating her, and she gine tell you she would like something to come down out of the sky and eat her husband, ’cause he is a dog and she had to leave him. Them still got wedding cake but the marriage done.
Even we bodies ain’t lasting. One time only old people used to dead but now a lot of young people deading.
And, of course, I waiting to see how long this ban that the Governor of the Central Bank got on the Nation, from attending any of his news conferences gine last, ’cause right now nothing ain’t lasting at all.
See ya.
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