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PUDDING & SOUSE:  Awaiting divine intervention

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PUDDING & SOUSE:  Awaiting divine intervention

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COMMITTED MEMBERS at a certain church are waiting with bated breath to see if the hierarchy will finally step in and examine the affairs at the church now that its problems have been made public.
We understand that a letter which highlighted the embarrassing situation at the church was widely circulated this week and was also published for everyone to see.
Word is that the congregation did not want to air their dirty linen in public but had been suffering for too long without any intervention from those in authority.
They are now praying that the hierarchy finally realise the seriousness of the situation and step in with urgency before the few remaining committed members take their worship elsewhere.
Top dollar for big names?
IS IT TRUE that Government is paying top money to bring in some very important people for a certain major event?
And is it true that the organisation which is hosting this event will be the sole beneficiary of all the monies made?
People in the know are asking why Government would get involved in such a situation at a time when it is struggling to pay its bills. They also want Government officials to come out and let the public know the status of the venue where the event is taking place. Is it still owned by Government or have the wealthy developers taken over?
If Government still owns it, will they do anything about the ambush marketing tactics which are being employed?
Transferred under escort
POLICE WERE RECENTLY SUMMONED to a Government institution to escort an employee off the property after she refused to abide by a transfer order.
Pudding & Souse was reliably informed that the woman was told that she was being transferred to another department but steadfastly refused to leave, saying that the union told her to remain.
Well, after a few days the police were called in at the department and they quietly escorted her off the property.
Unlikely tag-team
AN UNHOLY ALLIANCE has been formed between two women who work in the same Government institution and who were sworn enemies for several years, even though both of them worshipped the same political party.
News reaching P&S indicates that now that the two women are at the top of their game they are going all out to weed out any worthy opponents, particularly those who are aligned with the other political party.
While they have not broadcast their intentions, employees are carefully observing how the two are operating and realising that their actions are totally in sync.
There is even talk that the top boss will be out of a job soon because his contract will not be renewed, and it is expected that these two loud-mouthed damsels will move up even further.
No wonder one of them is always being seen at certain events cozying up to the bigger boss.