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The NCC tale

Sanka Price

The NCC tale

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In the midst of lay-offs at the National Conservation Commission (NCC) most of the workers retained, who were hired since 2008, come from Christ Church.
On the other hand, of the near 200 workers who have been retrenched fewer than ten come from that parish, and only a handful from the constituency of Christ Church East which is represented by the minister in charge of the NCC, Dr Denis Lowe.
The severed Christ Church employees live at Silver Hill, Gall Hill, Lodge Road and Durant’s Development.
This data is contained in a list of retrenched and non-retrenched employees of the commission that is in the possession of this newspaper.
The list shows the names, addresses, categories of work and date of employment of the near 200 workers who have been retrenched. And these are compared with the names, addresses and date of employment of similar categories of workers who were kept.
According to the list, none of the 27 NCC workers who come from Parish Land district were retrenched. Other areas of Christ Church with a high level of retained employees hired since 2008 are Silver Sands, 23; Sayes Court, seven; Fairy Valley, four; Balls Land, three; Inch Marlow, four; and a number from surrounding districts all falling within Christ Church East.
This trend is most glaring among the general worker category, which involves the largest number of people dismissed. Of the approximately 57 workers sacked, most were hired between 2002 and 2008.
Conversely, among the 80 general workers hired between 2008 and 2013, 49 are from Christ Church, with 45 from Christ Church East.