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Car left in Lakes Folly

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Car left in Lakes Folly

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RESIDENTS?at Lakes Folly, The City, are concerned about a vehicle which has been left there for the past four months.
One of the concerned residents told the DAILY NATION that she had observed a Caucasian man park the blue Skoda on the sidewalk back in January and walk away.
However, she said she got suspicious when on February 26, she saw another Caucasian male turn up in a red car, take off the licence plates on the parked vehicle and drive away.
“He was looking around very suspiciously as he placed the licence plates in the trunk of his car,” she said.
The woman said she called Central Police Station a number of times hoping that police would investigate, adding that she provided officers with the registration numbers of both of the vehicles.
“All the police told me is that they would investigate and that the vehicle was registered and they would have to wait for the insurance company to check it out . . . . It is now approaching five months and the vehicle is still here,” she said.
“I called about three police stations hoping that someone would just come and at least look at the vehicle but nobody has even bothered to turn up,” she said.