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DEAR CHRISTINE: Married man won’t leave me alone

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Married man won’t leave me alone

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Dear Christine,
For the past eight months I have been seeing a married man who works at the same place as I do.
    Even though I love him very much, I have told him I do not want to see him anymore, because I am afraid we are all going to be hurt.
You might not want to believe me but I do not want to hurt his wife or my family. My family knows him but they do not suspect what is going on.
Christine, the trouble is, he would not listen. I have even tried going out with other men to make him annoyed and leave me but he won’t. Working together does not make things easy easier.
I am tired of arguing and getting nowhere in trying to make him understand.
– L.P.
Dear L.P.,
The more you try to get this man to understand, the more he will persuade you to change your mind and remain with him.
If you are sincere about finishing this affair, I simply hope you won’t go back to him or get involved with another man who is married.
Here is what you can do: when he calls, let him know you do not want to speak to him. If he comes around, refuse to see him and make no contact with him.
Since I do not expect you can give up your job to find another, you’ll have to continue to work together and keep yourself occupied with the tasks at hand.
Keep out of his way. It’s not easy to give up someone you care about, but you obviously know in this case, it is the correct thing to do.