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Out of turn

Tim Slinger

Out of turn

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THE LAWYER FOR 17 police officers who have challenged their omission from promotion two years ago has accused Minister of Home Affairs Adriel Brathwaite and acting Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith of demonising and unjustly chastising protesting officers.
“For exercising their right to sue, the officers have now been demonised and characterised as being obstructive of progress in the police force,” Ralph Thorne, QC, told the DAILY?NATION yesterday.
His comments were in response to statements by both Brathwaite, who is also Attorney General, and the acting commisioner at the Police Association’s annual general meeting last week, that the court litigation by the 17 officers was halting the promotion of officers and causing the level of supervision in the Royal Barbados Police Force to suffer.
But Thorne referred to their comments as grossly improper and called for Brathwaite and Griffith to be censured.