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Health concern

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Health concern

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THE OPPOSITION BARBADOS Labour Party has cried out passionately against the operations of the Government-owned Queen Elizabeth Hospital and local health care in general.
In a press conference at the Opposition’s office in Parliament’s West Wing today, Senator Dr Jerome Walcott, a surgeon by profession and former minister of health, called on management of the QEH to say whether any dialysis patients have died or were infected by the Pseudomonas bacteria recently found in water in the dialysis unit; whether the infant and maternal mortality rate was worse than a decade ago; why no statistics were released at last week’s perinatal review conference; and whether there was a drug shortage because of monies owed to suppliers.
Dr Walcott was supported by Opposition Member of Parliament Cynthia Forde, who stressed they were not “pulling down the Government” but were extremely concerned about care of sick Barbadians and non-nationals.
The press conference was in response to a range of issues highlighted at the QEH, polyclinics and district hospitals islandwide. (RJ)