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We’re watching, NUPW tells NSC

Sanka Price

We’re watching, NUPW tells NSC

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Don’t try any foolishness because we are watching you.
That, essentially, is the frank warning the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) is sending to the National Sports Council (NSC) as tit-for-tat between the two over looming layoffs escalate.
As many as 70 temporary workers, including groundsmen, casual workers, watchmen, drivers, caretakers, administrative staff and some coaches face being retrenched in Government’s ongoing programme to cut spending, sources suggested.
Yesterday, NUPW assistant general secretary Delcia Burke said the NSC had not consulted them over the imminent layoffs and they suspected that organisation wanted to take a similar approach to what the National Conservation Commission (NCC) had done and lay off who they wanted to, rather than follow the fairer process of “last in, first out”.
“If they consult with us, we can tell them they have staff over 60 years old who do not mind taking early retirement. We can say to them that we have some who are not over 60 years old who would be willing, if the money is right, to go home.
“So you have people who would volunteer to go home and then you may not have to send anyone home at all. They seem to be going down this political road where you are sending home certain people,” said Burke.