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Irving Wilson honoured

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Irving Wilson honoured

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IRVING WILSON, the teacher who dedicated many years to teaching special needs students, was celebrated as he reached a milestone today.
The founder and first principal of the School for the Deaf and Blind, now called the Irving Wilson School, celebrated his 96th birthday and was treated to cake and gifts.
He visited the Pine Plantation Road, St Michael School, which dates back to 1959, and students entertained him with a musical presentation, poems and sign language.
Wilson, who appeared very pleased by the attention shown to him by the students and teachers, said he was thankful for the appreciation shown.
He was joined by his daughter Lorraine and son St Elmo Wilson as well as Lorraine’s daughter Chanice Goodman.
As the students did sign language to the song, I Look to You it brought tears to the eyes of the elderly man’s daughter and granddaughter.
Wilson said looking on at the school’s development and looking back at his involvement with the school he was very happy.
He said he had no regrets about going into special education and believed the school made its mark.
He also stressed that disability is not inability and said the appointment of Kerryann Ifill as President of the Senate had definitely made an impression on him.  (LK)