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Research project to farmers’ aid

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Research project to farmers’ aid

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“UNPATRIOTIC IMPORTERS” and lack of proper local market research have been blamed on the “worsening issue” of glut of certain crops, says a senior official in the Ministry of Agriculture.
“There are some occasions where farmers may have only made marginal profits or sometimes big losses – and this is from research – on their activities because of market gluts with respect to some agricultural produce,” said Permanent Secretary Elsworth Reid as he addressed the launch of the pilot Market Information System, held at the Radisson Aquatica yesterday.
He later explained to the DAILY?NATION it was a challenge faced with produce like lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes.
“[Some importers] just look for the cheapest way out. They import produce that is being produced here [and] the farmers have been complaining about it all the time. Or, what you may also find, the importers will bring in cheaper substitutes,” he said.