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Turning to Hinn

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Turning to Hinn

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American televangelist Benny Hinn is being brought to Barbados by a new alliance of churches and religious groups who say they want to fight a growing sense of fear and hopelessness in the nation.
The formation of the National Alliance of Churches and Christian Organisations (NACCO) was announced by Reverend Ferdinand Nicholls at a Press conference at Lucky Horseshoe, Warrens, on Tuesday.
He said the organisation was formed to create a platform for churches to come together and address national issues at a time when a lot of criticism was coming their way because of a perceived lack of unity. 
He added that as a result of the tough economic times, many people were feeling fearful and some hopeless.
NACCO will be hosting a national miracle healing service and national blessing next month, its first major event at which Hinn, an internationally known preacher, is expected to minister.
Apostle Stephen Holford also told journalists that the hopelessness that a lot of people were sensing and feeling was not only limited to economic and job issues, but to physical health. He said emphasis in Hinn’s ministry emphasis was placed on healing and NACCO was expecting and believing that many people would be healed at the service
“As God heals people there is a sense of hope, there is a sense that they can have a future,”?he said. “We also believe that God does not only heal people in the church, but He heals people who are unsaved; He extends His grace to people who are unsaved. This is not just for the church, this is for everybody in Barbados to attend.” 
NACCO intends to use some of the funds collected to make donations to needy causes. 
“We need to invest in our country not just from a spiritual standpoint . . . but also in a very tangible way,” Nicholls said.
“We are hoping that as the future of NACCO goes forward, that maybe we can have a pool set up that can treat to some of the issues we are dealing with now. I do not know how many of you encounter people who do not have any electricity in their homes, people who cannot put food on their tables, they had a job on Friday and they do not have a job on Monday.” (LK)