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‘Take all my garbage, please’

rhondathompson, [email protected]

‘Take all my garbage, please’

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AN ELDERLY RESIDENT of Bagatelle, St Thomas, is pleading with the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) to remove all of his garbage instead of half of it.
Keith Straker, who has been living at Bagatelle for nearly 30 years, told the SATURDAY SUN he had never had issues with his garbage collection until the last three weeks when a few of his bags were repeatedly cleared, leaving his containers half-full of household refuse.
“Before, the SSA fellows would come in and move all my garbage and so forth, and I had found them quite courteous but about three weeks ago, I realised the truck that usually comes Mondays to Thursdays is not coming anymore but is now coming on Sundays, and the guys would now come and take out one or two bags of garbage and leave the remainder,” he said.
Straker added that after he complained to the SSA, a Mr Worrell visited last week and promised to investigate but could find no reason why they were leaving his garbage and not his neighbours’.