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Unholy conflict in church

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Unholy conflict in church

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TURMOIL is taking place at another church and the congregation is so fed up with the lack of involvement by their leader that they are planning to vacate the church one by one.
Apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back happened on Good Friday when no one turned up to lead the service and two women had to step in to take the congregation through the stations of the cross. It was truly a day for mourning.
And to make matters worst the leader is now taking a back seat role and allowing a certain woman to run things whether he is there or not. This woman who has a big job also likes to walk up and down the aisle constantly, in her designer outfits; and the congregation has been grumbling that she is a major distraction.
The choir master even left the church saying he can no longer perform his duties with this woman seemingly in charge. What has angered the congregation is that their leader sent off a strong worded email to the choir master instead of speaking to him about the matter.
The congregation is now saying that if their leader does not step up to the pulpit and if the hierarchy at the church does not intervene and bring some normalcy to this situation they would run away from their beloved church.
Shame-faced shoplifter
Tongues are wagging at a Government department after staff found out that one of their colleagues was caught shop lifting make-up from a store in Bridgetown.
Word has it that the security guard caught her smuggling the items in the bathroom. She had to summon her married lover who works in another Government department to bail her out of the situation.
Now that everyone in the workplace is talking, the woman is so embarrassed that she spends the entire day locked away in her office, only emerging when its time to go home.
Rumor has it that after her husband divorced her she went on a big shopping spree with her alimony and now she has run out of money.
People are laughing at this woman who likes to buy a lot of expensive things. They want her to know that she can’t continue living big on champagne mouth when she only has mauby to drink.
Bad communications
WHEN you are working at a telecommunications company people expect that you will receive messages loud and clear or that you will be in a position to interpret such messages.
Not so for a certain woman who has worked in telecommunications for some time now. Her colleagues are wondering why she is so head over heels in love with her new man that she can’t decipher the mixed signals he keeps sending her.
Take for instance, he now borrows her car morning, noon and night to drive around his wifey, especially to the mall, even though he told her that they are no longer involved. And he is also telling people that the telecommunications chick is really his auntie.
Your friends want you to know that you shouldn’t shoot the messenger when the message is bad news and just because this man is sleeping in your bed doesn’t mean he’s into you.