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HEALING HERBS: Dealing with ‘drainage’

Annette Maynard-Watson

HEALING HERBS: Dealing with ‘drainage’

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Their eyes told a story as they asked many questions while enthusiastically depending on my guidance and support.
Some of them were feeling “drained”. However, I reassured them that once they followed correct examination guidelines for revision, reviewed their notes and maintained balanced lifestyles, all would be well with them.
Last week, my classrooms were abuzz about examination revision and the feelings of “drain” associated with it. However, being a trained graduate teacher and a Royal Fidelity National Distinguished Teacher, I handled the topic with ease. I was extremely overjoyed when I recognised that my students had extra confidence in me.
Further afield, for the past couple of weeks I kept hearing about  Minister [Denis] Lowe, drainage, environment and strikes. This week I want to address the topic of “drainage” because the body normally feels drained after it is put under stress and strain. Some of these stressors include listening to complaints, studying and writing examinations, gossip, malicious talk and lying.
Have you ever heard: “Oh boy, my energy level feels low, I am drained and this drainage thing got me feeling low?”
This low energy feeling is often associated with feelings of drainage.
Spiritual drainage involves a low, tiresome, sleepy, empty feeling that overtakes the body after a period of continued stress. It is most noticeable when you encounter people who are very negative and complain about everything. I have encounters with them on a daily basis and I always avoid being close to them.
You must avoid being in their company and can identify them by some of these signs. They have a confused, unhappy look on the face; when they enter a room it becomes dark; they complain about everything; their personal lives are in chaos and they gossip about everyone. These people are referred to as “energy vampires”. I warn you to be careful when you encounter these people they are aware of how to drain your energy. Some of them take it on as a side occupation.  
You can avoid being sucked into drainage mode by implementing the following:
• build up your own energy by using silent doctors, especially citrus fruits and bush teas;
• release negative thoughts and people;
• practise prayer and gratitude;
say no to situations that attempt to compromise your values and integrity;
• listen to intuition and follow your dream;
• drink teas with ginger, cayenne pepper and tamarind;
• exercise and spend time in nature; and
• say only what you believe to be true.
Finally, low energy is a sign of drainage but silent doctors can re-energise you. 
• Annette Maynard-Watson is a teacher and herbal educator.
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