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Mia: A political charade

Sanka Price

Mia: A political charade

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A political cop out to avoid disciplining one of his ministers.
That was Opposition Leader Mia Mottley’s reaction to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s referral of the National Conservation Commission’s (NCC) impasse to the Employment Rights Tribunal for settlement yesterday.
Calling the process a failed political charade and farce that had gone way too far, Mottley charged that the workers had been shafted.
Reminding that Minister of Environment Dr Denis Lowe, who is responsible for the NCC, said publicly that he had the list of persons to be sent home by the NCC for review, Mottley said “he was the one who placed himself at the centre of the process”.
She bemoaned the “fact” that long-standing workers, some of whom were sole breadwinners, were sent home while on the other hand, persons employed almost exclusively from the Lowe’s constituency, hired under his tenure, and including his siblings, and relatives of some persons in management at the NCC had been retained at the commission.