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DEAR CHRISTINE: No longer want to marry her

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DEAR CHRISTINE: No longer want to marry her

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Dear Christine,
I’VE LOST six pounds and have been miserable for the past several weeks because I suddenly realise I do not want to marry a woman I have been living with for the past six months.
The moment we started to discuss marriage, I got really nervous. The awful thing is that now I know I not only don’t want to marry her, I do not want to live with her anymore.
How can I possibly tell her this? I don’t even know how to tell my own family and they have been looking forward to a big wedding, so please help!
– D.L.
Dear D.L.,
What would you prefer? A lifetime of misery or a few hours to let this woman know you no longer want to marry her and you are not keen about living together with her?
What you need is some courage. I know it will take all you have inside of you to share your thoughts with this woman, but it will not be as difficult as it would be if you’d come to your realisation after walking down the aisle.
Uncoupling is always painful and bruising to egos. In your situation, however, the sooner you talk your feelings over with this woman, the better it will be and the easier it will be for both of you.
Breaking up is never easy, so choose your words carefully – be gentle and kind.
There is the possibility this woman may not be as shocked or surprised by what you’re going to say because women are usually more in touch with their feelings and more adept at picking up clues than men are.
Remember, the best kind of divorce is the one that takes place before marriage.
Don’t delay in having that conversation right away. Also, remember that while everyone wants to look forward to a big wedding, it’s the marriage that really counts.