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Positive response to carnival

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Positive response to carnival

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ORGANISERS OF THE Christ Church Carnival have reported an overwhelming response to next month’s event.
Corey Gayle-Forde told Nation News the response was so overwhelming, six potential bands had to be refused and stall spaces were quickly being taken.
He was speaking after the Press launch of the carnival, held at the Wotton Playing Field.
“The feedback was so strong we [could] not advertise band registrations or stall registration,” he said of the June 8 and 9 event.
Gayle-Forde believed the response was due to the fact that people in Christ Church have long been anticipating a carnival.
“It was long overdue, [and] although [the carnival] was in the planning for four years, the response was so overwhelming that it looks like we bit off more than we can handle.” (LW)