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Gospel promise

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Gospel promise

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Gospelfest is laying the foundation for local gospel artistes to develop their talents, says its producer Adrian Agard.
He said while they embrace, accept and applaud the great stuff that has been done by top international artistes, they are also seeing in A Few Good Men, John Yarde, Sirrah, and a number of other local artistes the potential to go beyond where they are right now and to impact the world.
Speaking Sunday evening at Farley Hill National Park where the festival climaxed, Agard said they are creating the stage for artistes to not only be up front and centre, but to participate in developmental programmes. These include partnering with groups to develop them through workshops as well as opportunities to interact with international media.
He said during the week seven of the local artistes had interviews on the Hezekiah Walker Show broadcast live back to New York.
“We in Barbados do not understand how the system works out there. You cannot just walk into a radio station and get that kind of interview, so the fact that they being in Barbados were able to be on that show was a big thing for them. 
“Our artistes may not think very much of it, but that opportunity was a great one,” said Agard, adding that the festival is having its desired impact which is taking the gospel to the people who need to hear it. He said wherever there are people hurting, or people facing challenges, that message can help in a very powerful way. It is just for people to reach out for it and connect with it.
“This gospel message has for many years been subdued, or many people have thought to make you believe that it belonged within the four walls of the church. This message is a message for Barbados. Not just for Christian people, it is a message for the saved and the sinner,” Agard stressed. (LK)