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Caught red-handed

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Caught red-handed

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Police were called in after a knife-wielding shoplifter was apprehended on Wednesday at ShopSmart, Holders Hill, St James.
The man was subdued and hog-tied outside the store but not before he managed to injure an employee.
Store security was on alert for the man who had been in the outlet several times this week under the pretence of buying items. However, while he paid for a few items, the man apparently had several other items either stuffed into a bag or hidden on him.
According to a witness, when security approached the man, he whipped out a knife and slashed at them, injuring a man in the process. However, he was held and tied to the metal bars outside the store until police arrived and he was promptly turned over.
Inspector David Welch confirmed that a man was in custody in relation to an incident at the store. (AC)