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Dance workshop needs funds

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Dance workshop needs funds

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BARBADIAN DANCER JAMAL Callender is looking to kick start his dance workshop in Barbados but he is more than US$8 000 (BDS$16 000) short. 
He has been holding dance workshops for the past six years but this year he is facing a roadblock – lack of funds.
“I started holding the workshops in 2010 with help from the National Cultural Foundation. This year I was informed that the NCF has no money to help but they will allow me to use the space.”
Callender, who is based in New York as a dancer says his workshops are geared to anyone, from young children to adults, and are free of cost.
“We don’t charge for the classes ….  I am happy to do it. But it is myself and four other choreographers who are coming here so the US$15 000 needed to fly the dancers here and to sort out food and housing for at least two weeks.”
The classes will range from ballet to contemporary to jazz to modern.
Callender said he turned to the website Kickstarter to raise the funds but there is a timeline attached to that. The group has until June 5 to raise all the funds or they have to give back what is already pledged.
“I have tried everything so I am making a wider appeal through the media. Since I have posted it on Facebook people have responded but it hasn’t been enough.”  
Follow this link to the Kick Starter page. (NS)