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HEALING HERBS: Step away from loneliness

Annette Maynard-Watson

HEALING HERBS: Step away from loneliness

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Human beings are social animals and loneliness, though a state of mind, can have harmful physical and psychological effects if ignored. – Dr Nisreen Nakhoda (2012).
When I enthusiastically journeyed from the Grantley Adams Memorial School to take up a position at the Christ Church Foundation School, I never envisaged that I could feel lonely. I was indeed lonely. Since then, I have cultivated some deep, spicy, loyal friendships which remain untouchable and that feeling of temporary loneliness vanished forever. This week because of that experience with loneliness and silent doctors I want to share my findings with you.
Loneliness is defined as a state of solitude or being alone. Some even say that loneliness is actually a state of mind. In my case, the loneliness was not about being alone; it was actually my perception of the situation. John Cacioppo, a University of Chicago psychologist and one of the top loneliness experts, revealed that some of the causes of loneliness are genetics, physical isolation, moving to a new location, divorce, the death of someone significant in a person’s life, low self-esteem and psychological disorders.
Further, research shows that some of the challenges associated with loneliness are depression, heart attacks, strokes, pain, alcoholism and drug abuse which can increase the possibility of memory loss, altered brain function and the deceased ability to learn; suicide, cancer, the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, antisocial behaviour and poor decision-making.
A lack of exercise and poor quality sleep can worsen the condition. Furthermore, avoid attempting to treat lonely people if you are not a professional because research reveals that loneliness is contagious.
During those feelings of loneliness at Foundation I spent lunchtime at the beach with myself, while rediscovering that the Creator was always present. At sundown I did aerobic exercises and walked the beach. I drank silent doctor soursop, ginger and mango leaf teas and ate plenty of holistic meals.
I engaged in positive thinking, recorded journal entries, prayed and did “nuff” affirmations. The experts suggest joining a community group, meeting and connecting with positive people face to face or on Facebook or Skype, attending counselling sessions, and following your dreams because lonely people often feel rejected. Additionally, locate what is missing from your life, change your attitude to life and ensure that you understand the causes of the loneliness and remove them.
Finally, ask loneliness to leave you alone while avoiding its company. Additionally, keep repeating “I am not lonely; I have silent doctors passion fruits, coconuts, honeydew melons and bananas”. 
• Annette Maynard-Watson is a teacher and herbal educator.
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