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Many moods

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Many moods

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Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to view the wonderful works of Heather-Dawn Scott!
If you have not yet seen how with each stroke of the brush she is able to create “people”, animals, fields, plains, and more . . . you can always view her paintings at such galleries as On The Wall Art Gallery at Champers Restaurant and Earthworks Pottery complex; Tides Gallery, and The Gallery of Caribbean Art. Of course, her paintings can also be found in rooms at a host of other places.
Scott’s work has been described as “prolific” and as “making use of contrasting overlays and glazing”.
Scott was born in Chile, but grew up in Barbados, another writer describes her work in the following words: “[Scott] evokes past times of the Caribbean with her art and has a faithful following as most of her pieces are gentle, almost verging on sensual with her use of colours.
“When [she was] first back from England after art college there, her palette was very muted and more to the light of the English countryside, but as her eyes focused on the vibrant Caribbean hues, she became more confident with her colours, and used larger bold brushstrokes to evoke a mood of past times.”
The paintings on this page are evidence of the writer’s description of Scott, as each painting undoubtedly “evokes a mood” of days gone by. (CH)