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Solar saver for NCC

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Solar saver for NCC

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THE NATIONAL Conservation Commission  (NCC) should be able to save thousands of dollars on its energy bills when it switches to solar energy  at several of its sites.
General manager Keith Neblett spoke of the possibility on Monday before flicking the switch  to turn on the solar electricity system at the NCC’s Pebbles Beach, St Michael facility.
Neblett said the commission should be able to save $35 000 to $40 000 a year by using solar power  at several facilities, under an overall Government  plan to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and to have greater energy efficiency across the country.
The energy company Enermax has been commissioned to install nine 2.5 kilowatt solar photovoltaic systems at NCC sites across Barbados, mainly beach facilities and parks.
Contractor Hallam Edwards said about five  systems were ready to go on line, just awaiting certification from the Government’s Electrical Engineering Department.
Solar systems are planned for areas including  River Bay, St Lucy, Dover and Silver Sands,  Christ Church, Browne’s Beach, St Michael,  and Speightstown, St Peter.
Edwards said the solar power would be used  for small appliances, security lighting, equipment  for cleaning and other projects.
The Global Environmental Facility and the United Nations Development Programme are offering financial and technical support for this and other energy  projects submitted by Government. (TY)