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House fires leave 10 homeless

Carlos Atwell

House fires leave 10 homeless

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Two families lost their homes to fire early yesterday.
The fire started in a house said to belong to Shawn Carter in Parris Gap, Westbury Road, St Michael, and spread to a neighbouring house belonging to Angela and Leroy Downes.
Up to 10 members of the families were seeking alternative accommodation as a result.
It is understood that five people lived at the Carter home, including his wife Gale and three children. Downes lived with his wife, his stepdaughter Angela Haynes, and her children, Aryauna, 11, and Shiann, 5.
No one from the Carter household was present when a DAILY NATION team visited the area, but a dejected Leroy Downes was sheltering under a neighbour’s porch along with members of his family.
“We were all home,” he said.
“I was in the front watching TV and I doze off when I hear the guy [Carter] yelling ‘fire, fire’. When I came out I saw the fire and went back inside my house but only managed to save some clothes.”